Member Benefits

Insurance Coverage for PATH Intl. Professional Plus Members

Finding quality, affordable health coverage for individuals and your business is important and challenging. That’s why PATH Intl. has formed a strategic partnership with the US Equestrian Federation (USEF) to offer customized health coverage options for your individual needs including medical, accident, critical illness, hospital dental, and vision.  Through this partnership PATH Intl. is excited to deliver highly requested access to guaranteed-issue health benefits with costs up to 35% lower than standard market prices. This is one of the many unique and high-value benefits Professional Plus members of PATH Intl. receive.  

Current Professional Plus members of PATH Intl. in good standing will automatically be eligible for this benefit effective February 2023.


Click here for a summary overview of plan costs, coverages, and comparisons – ALL with a $0 deductible!

PATH Intl. Member-Only Insurance Benefit Hotline:
1 (800) 439-5222
To upgrade your membership, please visit the PATH Intl. membership page or contact [email protected] 


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Grant Station


PATH Intl Centers and Premier Accredited Centers: welcome to Grant Station! Grant Station connects your organization with private and government grant opportunities all over the world. In addition to providing you with a current database with targeted search options, Grant Station offers tools to help you build and manage your grantseeking program and tutorials on how to write effective proposals.

Need assistance with your GrantStation login? Please reach out to the PATH Intl. membership team at [email protected] to confirm your login email address. 

Discounted Equine Publications

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Driving Essentials, Inc.

Driving Essentials, Inc. offers PATH Intl. members 5% cash back on all purchases. Visit their website to shop for driving equipment, gifts, educational materials, and more!  

Member Voting Policy

PATH Intl. voting members include those with a current individual membership type and centers with a current center membership type. 

A PATH Intl. Member Center’s vote is cast by a designated center voting representative. The designated center voting representative must be recorded in the center’s official PATH Intl. record. Member centers are eligible to vote on all PATH Intl. ballot initiatives. If the designated center voting representative is also a current individual member, they may only vote one time representing themselves or the member center. An individual cannot vote in both an individual capacity and in a designated center voting representative capacity.

Reference from PATH Intl. By-Laws:
Section 2.  Voting Members – the board of trustees may authorize such class or classes of voting members and determine or change the rights, privileges, duties, terms and procedures for admission of such memberships, as it may from time to time determine. Such membership classes and their rights, privileges, duties, terms and procedures for admission shall be documented. Voting members shall be entitled to vote by ballot or at annual or special meetings of the voting members. Each voting member may have only one type of membership and only one vote.

Member Center Voting FAQs

  1. How does my center vote? Member centers may designate one voting representative to vote on behalf of the center.
  2. Is the designated voting representative on behalf of the center required to be an individual member? No, the center’s designated voting representative does not need to be an individual member.
  3. If the center’s designated voting representative is also an individual member, can they vote twice? No. If a center’s designated voting representative is also an individual member, they may only cast one vote either on behalf of the member center or representing themselves as an individual member.
  4. How does the center designate a voting representative? Member centers must designate their voting representative either in the center renewal booklet or by submitting a change notification form.
  5. If the designated voting representative changes, can another person cast a vote on behalf of the center? No, only designated member center voting representatives recorded in the PATH Intl. official center record can cast a vote on the center’s behalf. Votes cast on behalf of a member center by someone who is not officially on record with PATH Intl. as the designated voting representative will not be counted.
  6. Why can’t an individual vote both as an individual member and as a center voting representative? The PATH Intl. By-Laws state an individual may only cast one vote under one membership category.
  7. Does the center’s executive director or primary contact have to be the designated voting representative? The designated voting representative does not need to be the center’s executive director or primary contact. It can be anyone who will vote on behalf of the center’s best interest. It is encouraged that the center’s designated voting representative be the executive director.
  8. How will the center’s designated voting representative be made aware of initiatives on a ballot? Communications regarding ballot initiatives will be sent to all member center’s designated voting representatives.