James Brady Professional Achievement Award

The James Brady Professional Achievement Award recognizes the contributions made to the field of equine-assisted services (EAS). The award is presented in the name of James Brady to recognize a professional who has made contributions in the creation or development of industry-advancing ideas, initiatives, programs or events, and the winner will demonstrate a sustained and lasting contribution to the EAS industry, both within and outside of PATH Intl. The deadline to submit nominations for 2023 is May 29th, 2023. We are no longer accepting nominations for 2022.

Nominee Requirements

· The nominee is a current or past member of PATH Intl.

· The nominee has been involved in the EAS industry for at least 10 years.

· The nominee has not previously won the James Brady Professional Achievement Award.

· The nominee cannot self-nominate.

· The nominee cannot currently sit on the PATH Intl. Board of Trustees

Award Criteria

· The nominee is regarded as demonstrating the highest integrity and ethical behavior.

· The nominee has proven leadership and dedication within the EAS industry through delivery of service, educational contribution, and promotion of the industry at all levels.

· The nominee has demonstrated ability to bring innovative ideas to fruition.

· The nominee demonstrates the ability to develop and implement innovative, creative, and effective organizational leadership strategies.

· The nominee can create and nurture valuable collaborations and partnerships both within and outside of PATH Intl. to advance the work of EAS, which result in tangible benefits to the community.

· The nominee enhances the success and knowledge of other members of the association and its leaders.

· The nominee works across disciplines and organizational structure to develop transformational solutions.

Award Judging

The James Brady Professional Achievement Award will be selected by a judging panel of five members representing a variety of PATH Intl. members such as life members, past award winners, individual members, and board members. The chair of the committee will be approved by the PATH Intl. CEO.

At the discretion of the judges, the James Brady Professional Achievement Award will not necessarily be awarded each year. The nomination must meet all the criteria to be considered.

Submitting a Nomination

Please submit: 1. The James Brady Professional Achievement Award nomination form 2. Four individuals must submit reference forms that include a 500 word narrative

§ At least one reference needs to come from a person outside of the center or organization that the nominee works for. It is recommended that this person is an industry professional outside of PATH Intl.

§ It is recommended that one reference is from a leader within PATH Intl.

§ Each reference must include specific examples of the criteria requested.

§ It is recommended that the references’ narratives include diverse viewpoints of the nominee.

3. The nominee’s resume or curriculum vitae to include PATH Intl. activities and positions held Complete packets should be emailed directly to [email protected].