Guidelines, Fine Print, FAQs

Community Guidelines

  • Stay on topic. Make your contribution relevant to the original post.
  • Be polite. Comments that contain inappropriate language, harshly criticize or disrespect others’ opinions are subject to removal.
  • Don’t share information about PATH Intl. or the EAS industry that you aren’t sure of. Ask a PATH Intl. staff member and/or do a bit of research. We encourage members to include references with their posts, when applicable.
  • Stay positive and supportive. Do not react openly to guideline violations. Someone else’s violation is not an excuse for you to respond in a way that could also be a violation. Report the post and move on.  
  • Do not invade privacy or post private information about others.


What is PATH Intl. Member Connection?
PATH Intl. Member Connection is the new and improved platform for – you guessed it – member connection! PATH Intl. members can connect with each other virtually on a dedicated platform. Ask questions about PATH Intl. Standards, exchange ideas about programming, share your center’s success stories, and so much more! This will also be a place to access members-only content and benefits.


What happened to PATH Intl. Community Connections?
The PATH Intl. Community Connections platform has been discontinued and the PATH Intl. Member Connection website will take its place.


How do I access PATH Intl. Member Connection?
PATH Intl. Member Connection is connected to the PATH Intl. database and member portal. Your login credentials for the member portal will be used to login to PATH Intl. Member Connection.


What are communities?
Communities are message boards grouped by a subject area, profession, credential, or interest.


What communities are available at this time?
PATH Intl. – General Community, Credentialed Professionals, Administration, and Terminology. More communities will be created as participation increases. PATH Intl. staff will be monitoring discussions in order to identify potential areas of interest.


Can I join multiple communities?
Yes! You are welcome to join more than one community, leave a community, and change how often you are notified about community activity.


Who can access PATH Intl. Member Connection?
PATH Intl. individual members (Participating, Professional, Professional Plus) and PATH Intl. center administrators will have access to all areas of the Member Connection site and be able to join and participate in communities. The Terminology community is open to the public and not restricted to PATH Intl. members (although, you will still need a portal login). If you believe that there is an error in your PATH Intl. membership status, please reach out to the membership team.


What will happen to PATH Intl. pages and groups on social media (Facebook)?
At this time, we are not planning to discontinue the pages/groups on Facebook. PATH Intl. Member Connection is a great option for those who choose to not use social media and/or would prefer to use a dedicated platform to connect with industry professionals.


Can I use PATH Intl. Member Connection to contact the PATH Intl. office?
PATH Intl. Member Connection is a place for members to connect with other members. PATH Intl. staff will be moderating discussions and keeping an eye on things, but if you need to contact the office, please reach out directly via phone or email.


What is the difference between PATH Intl. Member Connection and the online portal?
The online portal will still have the PATH Intl. store and be the place for users to update their profile information, renew their membership and/or credential(s), update center information, and access the membership, center, and credentialed professional directories.

Can I change the information on my PATH Intl. Member Connection profile?
Yes! Please note that the contact information on the left side of the profile page is imported directly from the PATH Intl. database. If you would like to change that information, you will need to login to the member portal and update it there. The PATH Intl. database syncs with the Member Connection site every 30 minutes and will pull over any changes you have made in the portal.

You are able to make changes to these sections of your profile on the PATH Intl. Member Connection site: Photo, Bio, Education, Job History, Honors and Awards, Professional Associations, and Social Media Links.

These areas of the profile are imported from the PATH Intl. database and may not be changed: Credentials, Therapeutic Advanced/Master Riding Instructor, Interactive Vaulting Instructor, Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning, Therapeutic Driving Instructor I/II/III, and Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor. If you believe that there is an error in your credential status on your profile, please reach out to the credentialing team.

I don’t want to be listed in the Member Directory on the PATH Intl. Member Connection site – can I opt out of this?
User data is imported to the PATH Intl. Member Connection site from the PATH Intl. database and updates every 30 minutes. If you have opted out of the PATH Intl. directory in the portal, that privacy request will carry over to the PATH Intl. Member Connection site. You will still have the same abilities to navigate the site and participate in communities (based on your membership status), but you will appear as a “Hidden Member”.  You can also adjust your privacy settings by navigating to your profile and selecting Privacy Settings under the My Account drop-down.  

Fine Print

  • The Community Guidelines, FAQs, and Fine Print are subject to change at any time. Members will be notified of changes and this information will always be accessible on and
  • All guidelines equally apply to the private message system. Private messages are viewable by the site administrator(s).
  • PATH Intl. reserves the right to monitor all activity on the Member Connection site.
  • PATH Intl. reserves the right to temporarily suspend or ban community members for violating guidelines.
  • Content posted by users of the Member Connection site reflect the opinions and experience of those users and not necessarily PATH Intl. or PATH Intl. Staff.
  • Content posted on the Member Connection site becomes the property of PATH Intl. and may be edited, deleted, published, or otherwise used by PATH Intl.   
  • PATH Intl. will moderate and supervise activity on the Member Connection site; however, PATH Intl. does not check the accuracy of posted content and accepts no responsibility for loss, injury, inconvenience, or misinformation sustained by any person or organization obtaining and/or using advice from other users of the Member Connection site.
  • Content found on the Member Connection site is not to be used for formal and/or professional research, commercial gain, or redistribution in any way without the permission of PATH Intl. and the Member Connection user(s) involved.
  • Where applicable, the PATH Intl. Member Connection guidelines, FAQs, and Fine Print apply to outside websites administered by PATH Intl., including but not limited to Facebook groups/pages and YouTube accounts.
  • All PATH Intl. Member Connection users will uphold the values and ethics outlined in the PATH Intl. Code of Ethics and will align their contributions with the association’s vision, mission, and strategic plan.
  • Member Connection users will be respectful of each other’s individual voices and diverse background. PATH Intl. Member Connection users strive to create a friendly, supportive, and welcoming atmosphere where open and honest communication is encouraged.